Uh Oh, It's Clousing is the 2nd episode of Season 14 of The Super Show. The episode was released on October 15, 2013.

Plot Edit

Before the intro Edit

Blocky was playing catch with Pencil and Eraser and Pen. And Bubble complained about what happened in Season 7 Episode 7, which is 47 minutes and 19 seconds long.

The Actual Plot Edit

Max is using the Packard Bell monitor that he found many years ago to do votes. The total number of votes is 956. Max announced that Max Jr and Bubble had 4 and 9 votes respectively. David had 13 votes too. Max announced that the contestant that was safe with only 494 votes will get cake. And Flower said "But is that true" Max said yes and "Sally, with a record of 933 votes, you are eliminated" And Max said the contest would be walking or running. Blocky, Tennis Ball, Ice Cube, Eraser, and Firey chose walking. Flower, David, Snoopy, Golf Ball, and Match chose Running. Max started it. With a record of 1:16, Pencil won.

Points Table Edit

Person Dollars Up to Contest
Snoopy 778 6041 Running
Pencil 4576 7454 Walking
David 1692 2810 Running