Rare Encrypting is Season 14 Episode 10 of the Super Show. It was released on December 10, 2013.

Plot Edit

Before the Intro Edit

Max is starting up his Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop when he hears a bang, bang, bang, bang. That was Pigpen banging his floppy drive with it the floppy out and his computer apart. And then Pigpen gets electrocuted. And Max puts the floppy drive and the cover back on the computer. First he puts the cover back on and then the floppy.

Cake at Stake Edit

Max said Firey got 17 out of the total 52 votes. Ice Cube and Flower and Firey were safe. David got 27 votes. And Tennis Ball was safe with 10 votes.

Contest Edit

There were two contests. The first contest was to do the log jump and the second was to make gingerbread men. Pencil, Match, Pen, Flower, and Firey wanted to make gingerbread men. Tennis Ball, Match, David, Blocky, and Eraser, and Leafy chose to do the log jump. Leafy won the log jump with a whopping 5,796 miles.

Blocky and Eraser won the gingerbread man contest.