Nickel-Maxel Hydride is S14EP11 of The Super Show. It was released on December 17, 2013. Luckily, it was the second episoode to have a diffrent plot.


Before the Intro Edit

Max is using his Satellite Pro 410CS while Pigpen takes the front bezel off of his PC. And then Frieda is trying to install Windows 2000 on her Pentium 3.

Cake at Stake Edit

Max said the contestants got 460 votes. David had 41 votes, Pigpen 62, Ice Cube 27, and Firey 64. And Spongy, with a record of 266 votes, was eliminated. Max said they were the final 16.

Contest Edit

Max said that the contest was to jump a bridge. And Bubble won the contest.


  1. This episode is similar to Itsy Bitsy Christmas, mostly because of the Christmas-set elimination.