Max: Another movie, eh?
Cosmo: Max, is your mom putting that stuff in her hair again?
Max: No. Brain's coming over.

Cosmo: Who's Brain! (confused)
Max: Brain is a smart kid in Arthur's class & he has a I.Q of 144.
Cosmo: He's more smarter than Mark Labett!

Katelyn: (grunts)
Timmy: First, we'll need some candy (Cosmo and Wanda poofs up some candy)!
Wanda: And some soda (poofs up the soda fountain)!
Cosmo: Don't forget the pizza (poofs up a large pizza that falls on them)!

Mr. Turner: I was voted for this nonsense, but otherwise this franchise will not be changed with only 2 people.
Mrs. Turner: NO!

Max: Stop at a Massage Chair valued at $4,695,