Itsy Bitsy Christmas (Part 2) is part 2 of Itsy Bitsy Christmas. It is also episode 12 of Season 14. It was released on December 24, 2013.


  1. This episode is 34 minutes and 57 seconds long.
  2. This is the #3 most talked about episode. (Season 7 Episode 7 being the first)
  3. This is one of the greatest episodes of 2013.


Before the intro Edit

Max: It' Christmas! Yay! Teardrop: Yay! Ruby: Oh, oh, oh my gosh! Yay! Nickel: Itsy Bitsy Christmas! Lucy: Itsy Bitsy Christmas! (x7) Max: Really? Match: I am so, like, going to crush Ruby. Ruby: No, you are an evil person, Match! DS: Oh no, eeeeeee! Max: Seriously?!

Cake at Stake Edit

Max: So, we got 150 votes. It went down again. David, for some reason, 46 people voted exclusively for you. Leafy, with a measly 14 votes, you are safe. And Match, is eliminated with 90 votes. Pencil: Match, no, no! You've been eliminated! Match: I know it is so like, hard, but you have to like stop watching BFDI!


Max: The 5,279th contest is to try to make a cake again. David: Aw, seriously? Golf Ball: I am going to make a dirt cake. Coiny: I made a dirt cake too. Dirt cake is better than a ice cake. Cheesy: I made a ice cream cake Izel: I made a rice cake. Penxil: I made MaxCake. Max: 30 minutes left. David: Uh, oh, we haven't started! Eraser: I made Max Cake. Blocky: I made Max Cake. Eraser, isn't MEC funny>? Eraser: Of course it is. Pen: Good news Eraser, Max is releasing Season 14 Episode 13. Max: Boop. Time's up.


Max: The voting is against David, Ice Cube, and Blocky. Vote now. Whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated! Text: voting will end january 28, 2014. episode 13 will be released on december 31, 2013. Text: also, happy new year!