David is Max's best friend. ,as talks about him a lot with his friends. In Why Did David Not Test The New Pioneer Remote For Our Pioneer Elite SC-25, He forgot to test the SC-25. Also, in Pioneers are HORING, he took apart the Elite SC-89.

Status TableEdit

Friends Enemies Episode


Age Likes
Everyone (except enemiez) Evil David Season 1 Episoe 2 (46 votes)

Season 1 Episode 3 (127 votes) Season 1 Episode 6 (780 votes) Season 2 Episode 3 (564 votes) Season 2 Episode 5 (18 votes)

17 MEC, BFDI, object shows


David can be very rude at times, like in Season 3 Episode 5, he destroyed his Packard Bell Legend 822CDT.